Mythbuntu Team Developers

  • Are members of the mythbuntu-dev team in Launchpad.
  • Have worked with the mythbuntu-dev team for at least one release cycle.
  • Are collectively responsible for the maintenance of packages in the Mythbuntu package set, by being able to upload package updates to the Ubuntu archive.
  • Are highly encouraged to become Ubuntu members.
  • Have a strong working knowledge of packaging concepts and techniques, refined through experience.
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of both Mythbuntu & Ubuntu project procedures, especially those related to the release processes, freezes and an understanding of the reasons why they exist.
  • Have a history of direct contributions to packages within the Mythbuntu package set
  • Exercise great care in their work, with the understanding that their efforts have a direct impact on others, including:
    • Users of all variants of Ubuntu
    • Developers in the Ubuntu community
    • The Ubuntu release team
  • Feel a sense of personal responsibility for the quality of their work and are consistently satisfied with the results.

Applying to be a Mythbuntu Developer

If you are not currently a Mythbuntu Developer, but feel you currently fullfill the criteria above, you should ask to become a Mythbuntu developer. If you are unsure that you are ready, talk to existing developers about the work you have done so far and what you still need to do.

When you are ready to apply, you will need to send an email to the ubuntu-mythtv mailing list asking to be added. In this email, you should emphasize your strengths and link to some examples of things you are especially proud of. You can use the Ubuntu Developer Application template to help fill out what should be in the email.

After a quorum of active Mythbuntu developers responds to your email and makes a decision, you will be added to the mythbuntu-dev team in Launchpad, and your developer status announced on the ubuntu-mythtv mailing list and the Ubuntu devel-permissions mailing list.