Marking bug as fixed so that launchpad Janitor will close bug upon release

  1. Grab source branch. For example, mythplugins would be obtained via:
    • bzr branch lp:~mythbuntu/mythplugins/mythplugins-trunk
  2. Increment the changelog:
    • dch --increment --distribution UNRELEASED
  3. Edit debian/changelog:
    • * New upstream snapshot. Fixes:
    • - <few words describing fix> (LP: #55555, #44444)
  4. Commit your change:
    • debcommit
  5. Push changes
    • If you have direct upload rights:
      • bzr push lp:~mythbuntu/mythplugins/mythplugins-trunk
    • or if you don't have rights:
  6. Mark ticket as fix committed (the janitor will take care of linking branches and marking mythplugins as fixed released)

Patching and building from source

This is used to build a package with a patch from a trac ticket or otherwise. If you don't want to install all the build dependencies and build locally, you can build a source package and push it to a PPA. Otherwise you can build binary packages locally this way.
  1. Clone the packaging branch
    • git clone
  2. Build either a source or binary package. The first argument is the branch (such as master or fixes/0.24). The second argument is the directory to build in. Any additional arguments are full paths to patches.
    • packaging/deb/ fixes/0.24 /tmp /path/to/patch
    • or
    • packaging/deb/ fixes/0.24 /tmp /path/to/patch
  3. If you build a source package, follow the directions at to push it to a PPA.
  4. Install the resulting debs either from the local build directory or from the PPA.
Here is an example for lirc from the Mythbuntu forums.

Another (old) example (for lirc) can be found on the Ubuntu forums.

Switching auto-builds to a new mythtv release

  1. Create a new PPA at
  2. Merge -trunk bzr packaging into -fixes bzr packaging
    • merge mythtv-trunk -> mythtv-fixes
      • bzr commit -m "Merge -trunk into -fixes"
    • Update changelog for new version
    • Update the control files
      • debian/rules update-control-files
    • bzr commit -m "Updated to MythTV 0.XY release"