The Mythbuntu team provides additional update repositories for software shipped with Mythbuntu.  The packaging used to create these builds is identical to that being used for content in the Ubuntu archive. 
  • The MythTV-Updates repository will contain updated MythTV software. It is automatically built each day when there are upstream fixes available.

    Selecting a MythTV series will only get you updates for that series.  So if you select MythTV 0.24, you would receive any updates that upstream release to the 0.24 series only.  To change to another series (such as 0.25), simply open the Mythbuntu Control Centre, and modify the Repositories tab.

  • The Mythbuntu-Updates repository will contain fixes for software written specifically for Mythbuntu such as Mythbuntu Bare, Mythexport, Mythbuntu Log Grabber. This is enabled when installing the package.

Linux Mint Users - These builds should also work on Ubuntu based Linux Mint installations. We have a manually updated file here that maps the Ubuntu to Mint releases. Since it's manually updated, please check that and verify it is correct. Send any corrections to 

These builds can be enabled using the Mythbuntu Control Centre. This package can be installed on Ubuntu or any derivative by installing the package 'mythbuntu-control-centre'. Once this package installed, open it and select which version of MythTV you would like updates for.

Mythbuntu will provide MythTV builds based on the following rules (see Build Rules below). The graphic below also indicates what MythTV versions are currently available for each release.

Build Rules
  • For non-LTS releases, we will build 2 MythTV versions. The shipped version and the shipped+1 version
  • For LTS releases, we commit to building the shipped MythTV version, and all newer MythTV versions until the next LTS point release. (More on Mythbuntu LTS releases here)
  • We will continue to build MythTV versions for the old LTS release after the current LTS point release, but if the builds fail (eg. build dependency issues) we won't put much effort into fixing them.
  • We only build for at most the last two LTS releases (Note that while an LTS is in development, it is not considered an LTS release.) and the supported non-LTS releases.
  • Since underlying infrastructure is from Ubuntu, LTS releases will continue to get the underlying improvements for the whole LTS duration (even after the Mythbuntu team stops supporting it)
Terms and Definitions
  • Shipped version - The version of MythTV that a particular Ubuntu release shipped with. (eg. 14.04 shipped with 0.27)
  • Shipped+1 version - The version immediately next in line after the shipped version
  • LTS release - The current Long Term Support release for the distro. These are the same LTS releases as Ubuntu although the Mythbuntu team's LTS support is shorter.
  • non-LTS release - Any Ubuntu release that isn't an LTS release. While Mythbuntu doesn't provide non-LTS ISOs, it is possible to install MythTV from the repos on a non-LTS release.
  • LTS+1 - The next LTS release, either in development or development not yet started yet
  • LTS-1 - The former current LTS release.
Perform Updates

After installing the mythbuntu-repos package, you will need to select the MythTV version using the repos tab in the Mythbuntu Control Centre. Then you need to open up Update Manager and check for updates to finish the upgrade.

Common uses for Mythbuntu-repos

  • You want to stay up to date on a particular version of MythTV in order to get bug fixes.
    • Enable MythTV Updates and use the Mythbuntu Control Centre to select the version of MythTV you want to keep up to date. 
  • You want to test the development version of MythTV
    • Enable MythTV Updates and use the Mythbuntu Control Centre to select the highest version available to you. If you are on an older release of Mythbuntu, the highest version available to you may not be the development version. Instead it could be the current release or a previous release (depending on how old your Mythbuntu install is)
  • The next version of MythTV has hit beta, and you want to upgrade to that version, but not get development builds once that version has been released.
    • Enable MythTV Updates and use the Mythbuntu Control Centre to select the version that has hit beta. A MythTV Updates repository for a specific MythTV version will NEVER advance to a higher version (0.25 repository will never, ever get MythTV builds for 0.26. Once upstream creates a 0.25 fixes branch, the 0.25 repository will follow that)

  • Which build should I pick?
    • Most people will want to select the most current released MythTV version. This version contains fixes as it is built from the fixes branch upstream. (Please see to find the current released version).
  • I wasn't asked what version to use.  This isn't working!
    • After installing the mythbuntu-repos package, open up Mythbuntu Control Centre (MCC) and choose the version on the repos tab.
  • The builds still aren't working:
  • The builds disappeared after I upgraded Ubuntu releases:
    • Update Manager turns off third party repositories on upgrade.  Open up Mythbuntu Control Centre after the upgrade to reactivate.
  • Why are there so many updates?  I swear, they're happening every day.  I just want the ones with important changes.
    • There is no way to differentiate between the changes that happen upstream and discriminate between "important" and "nice to have" changes.  The builds are only ran if there actually are changes made by upstream.  If there aren't new changes, a new build isn't launched.  Take a look at for more information about what is changing from build to build.
  • How long will you keep doing builds for my version of Ubuntu?
    • If your version of Ubuntu is an LTS release, you can expect to have any MythTV version released up until the next Ubuntu LTS available to you.
    • If your version of Ubuntu is a standard release, you will have the version of MythTV that was available in that release as well as one more afterward.  So if the release launched with 0.23, you will have 0.23 and 0.24 available to you.
  • How long will you keep doing builds for my version of MythTV?
    • We currently check 3 versions of MythTV for updates when building. The three that we check are Master (the development version), and the fixes branches for the most current MythTV release and the previous MythTV release. For example, if the development version is 0.27 and the current version is 0.26, we will check and do builds for 0.25, 0.26, and 0.27. When 0.27 gets released (thus making 0.28 the development version), we will cease doing builds for 0.25 and only do builds for 0.26, 0.27, and 0.28.
  • How can I find out what MythTV builds are available for each release?
    • The mythbuntu-repos.db file can be viewed here. This file is used by the mythbuntu-repos package to determine which MythTV releases are available to a specific Mythbuntu release. It should be pretty straight forward to download this file and determine which builds happen for which releases. This file gets updated for each new MythTV release.
  • I see there is a series listed that doesn't exist yet upstream (eg. 0.25). How is this possible? 
    • The Mythbuntu team provides repos for each MythTV series. The development builds (often referred to as master) will be available in a repo named for the next major MythTV release. (eg. If 0.24 is the current version, master builds will be in the 0.25 repo even if upstream doesn't have a 0.25 branch yet). This allows users to select the development version and through regular updates eventually get that version when it is released.
  • I originally selected the version of MythTV that was in development (eg. 0.24). Now that it has been released, am I going to continue to get development builds? Do I need to change something in order to get builds from the 0.24 fixes branch?
    • No you do not need to change anything. If you originally selected a development version, when upstream releases that version and creates a fixes branch for it, the 0.24 repo will build from the 0.24 fixes branch.
  • How can I find the current status of the builds?
    • There are three parts to the build process
      1. Building the source packages. The source packages are built on an LXC builder and then uploaded to the staging PPA. If you suspect something is broken or just want to see the process you can view the build logs here.
      2. Building the binary packages. The binary packages are built on the staging PPAs. Two PPAs exist, one for building fixes, and one for building master (development version of MythTV). You can see the progress of the builds of each PPA at
      3. Moving the binary packages. Once the binary packages are built, they need to be moved to the version PPA. This is done using the Launchpad API and an hourly cron job. There is no log for this, but you can see the builds be removed from the staging PPAs and added to the version PPAs. You can see a list of all the Mythbuntu PPAs at
  • I'm trying to upgrade to the next MythTV version and I'm offered a partial upgrade (or packages are being held back). Why? Are the builds broken?:
    • When upgrading to a new MythTV version, it requires that new/additional packages be installed. This is why you are being offered a partial upgrade. We recommend that you upgrade via the terminal using 'apt-get dist-upgrade' and reviewing what new packages are being installed and what (if any) packages are being removed. If it appears to be attempting to remove something that looks important, file a bug on Launchpad
  • I can't use the Mythbuntu Control Centre because of XXXXXX. Is there any other way to add the repository?:
    • You can add any of our repositories from the command line using the apt-add-repository command ( apt-add-repository ppa:mythbuntu/REPO ). For instance, if you want to add the MythTV 0.27 repo you would do "sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mythbuntu/0.27" or if you wanted to add the Mythbuntu Updates repo, you would do "sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mythbuntu/testing"
Reconfiguring Mythbuntu-repos

If you would like to change mirrors or disable either the MythTV Updates or Mythbuntu Updates repo in the future, you can do so from the Mythbuntu Control Centre (MCC).