The Mythbuntu team provides additional update repositories for software shipped with Mythbuntu.  The packaging used to create these builds is identical to that being used for content in the Ubuntu archive. 
  • The MythTV-Updates repository will contain updated MythTV software. It is automatically built each day when there are upstream fixes available.

    Selecting a MythTV series will only get you updates for that series.  So if you select MythTV 0.24, you would receive any updates that upstream release to the 0.24 series only.  To change to another series (such as 0.25), simply open the Mythbuntu Control Centre, and modify the Repositories tab.

  • The Mythbuntu-Updates repository will contain fixes for software written specifically for Mythbuntu such as Mythbuntu Bare, Mythexport, Mythbuntu Log Grabber. This is enabled when installing the package.

Linux Mint Users - These builds should also work on Ubuntu based Linux Mint installations. We have a manually updated file here that maps the Ubuntu to Mint releases. Since it's manually updated, please check that and verify it is correct. Send any corrections to 

These builds can be enabled using the Mythbuntu Control Centre. This package can be installed on Ubuntu or any derivative by installing the package 'mythbuntu-control-centre'. Once this package installed, open it and select which version of MythTV you would like updates for.

Mythbuntu will provide MythTV builds based on the following rules (see Build Rules below). The graphic below also indicates what MythTV versions are currently available for each release.