Upgrading between Mythbuntu Releases

As with all upgrades, please backup your database and other important files before upgrading. You do not need to upgrade to auto-builds prior to upgrading to the next Mythbuntu release. This will be taken care of during the upgrade process.

To upgrade, you will follow the Ubuntu Network Upgrade Guide.

Clean Install of Mythbuntu, keeping old database

You can also backup your database and important files and do a clean install of Mythbuntu. To do so, please follow the instructions found here: MythTV Database Backup and Restore scripts

Most people tend to find and store their scripts in the following directory: /usr/share/mythtv/

Note: if your system doesn't have the necessary scripts, they may be obtained from the above mythtv wiki link.

  • Save a copy of the resulting backup (which is usually the most recent file in /var/lib/mythtv/db_backups/) someplace that will survive reinstalls and/or disk failures.
  • Perform Mythbuntu install or upgrade
  • Stop the backend:
  • sudo stop mythtv-backend
  • Obtain the mythtv password from here:
  • grep DBPassword /etc/mythtv/config.xml
  • Delete old database and create a base new one using the command-line options as described here: Replace existing database with MythTV Database Backup and Restore Scripts
  • Copy the previously saved database to /var/lib/mythtv/db_backups/ and then execute the restore command as described in the mythtv wiki.
  • Start the backend again:
  • sudo start mythtv-backend
Upgrading to the next release of MythTV

The Mythbuntu team provides updated MythTV versions though the MythTV-Updates repository.

Please see the Mythbuntu-repos page for more info.